For me, returning to the body is a radical practice. I come back to performance--to movement!-- because the contours of my body are archeological; cultural troves--fractured (!) //// held together by spiritual paper clips [that hold worlds of their own.]

Through experimental playwriting, academic research, film and digital photography, and genre-bending performance, I hope to use words and movement as both an excavation and a ritual care of self ////

As an artist, I am wholly interdisciplinary. I weave together my anthropological training with TikTo videos, I juxtapose my grandmother's myths with radio dramas you can only pick up past midnight: in sum, a Sagittarian Latinx eco-storyteller at the cusp of the digital revolution.


artist-in-residence, 2022-2023.
orchard project GREENHOUSE

fondo cósmico de microondas (o—piel, sondeada), 2022.
preliminary candidate for national visual arts prize of uruguay

SKIN EXAM, 2022.
performance piece at obie-award winning blackbox The Tank

i refuse to be killed by an american sun, 2021.
performance piece, magick city, brooklyn.

más | caras, 2021.
performance piece, transitstation international exhibition Voices #3: Manoeuvre